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USDA changes stance on student loan payments

USDA makes changes once again.  Be prepared – use a USDA specialist.  USDA doesn’t accept student loans in deferment with no payments being made.  They decided you would need to be making the payment eventually, so they will use a monthly payment for qualifying even when you don’t currently pay any amount or a small amount due to your current income level.  USDA will use… Read More

There’s more than one Type of USDA loan!

Did you know that there are more than one Type of USDA loans?  We do the one that allows higher household income and allows some deductions to help you get qualified for our Zero down Home Loans.   We do USDA Guaranteed home loans, allowing for moderate household income levels.  USDA will calculate all income in the household to make sure it meets their guidelines for… Read More

Zero Down Loans Made Easy

Zero Down Loans Made Easy Zero Down Home loans are easy to get approved for when you use Local Lender who specializes in them.  USDA guidelines have many rules that not all lenders understand, so it’s best to work with a specialist on these loan programs so you can be sure to have the best chance of getting your loan approved.  We will work with… Read More

Many buyers qualify for the USDA zero down program

There are thousands of people who would qualify for a rural home loan with just a little professional guidance. Even if you have been turned down by a bank, we have programs that may work for your situation. Our government programs such as VA, USDA (rural), and FHA allow you to purchase with some blemishes on your credit. You just need professional guidance from our… Read More

Are you looking for a zero down loanprogram?

Are you looking for a no down payment loan with a low fixed rate? If so, then the USDA 100% Home Loan financing is for you. This loan program allows for the highest incomes and lowest rates available. We will pre-qualify and guide you through the process with less stress. New home ownership allows you to increase your net worth and stop paying someone else’s… Read More

Rates are down after Federal Reserve increase

There’s been a lot of concern about the fact that the Fed raised rates. This is true, but instead of making mortgage rates go up, they went down. Why? Mortgage rates are not directly linked to the Fed rates. To explain in simple terms, the Fed raised rates for the amount of interest they charge banks on funds they lend to financial institutions “overnight” or… Read More

Some notes on FHA

Now that Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced that its Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (MMI) has returned to solvency we may see relief. The fund was at risk due to the collapse in housing prices and huge numbers of delinquencies. This is good news as FHA has not been the go-to loan since changes were made to fees four different times in the past four… Read More

USDA Approved Areas

Each and every year, USDA qualified Areas are reviewed by congress. We have been using 2010 census bureau information for qualifying those areas and this has allowed us to include “expanded areas” that have grown beyond what would typically be allowed. In Oregon this has given us many options and there are only a few excluded areas in the state. Since Oregon is largely a… Read More

Fannie Mae Low Down (3% down payment)

Great News! Fannie Mae has added back the 3% down option, allowing 97% loan to value conventional loans. With this option available, it would only make sense to use FHA if there is another compelling reason. As of 2013, putting less than 10% down on an FHA causes the Annual (monthly) Mortgage Insurance to be permanent to the loan. Federal Housing Administration an option to… Read More

USDA Income Limits

USDA 100% Financed Home Loans require household income limits by county be verified prior to loan pre-qualification. We can assist you with this process, so make sure you apply through www.USDALoanOregon.com and allow the specialists to get your loan pre-approved for this special loan program. We are local to Oregon, Salem, Portland, Linn, Marion and Polk counties as well as any other city or county… Read More